JavaScript framework for paper-based interaction in the browser

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Paprika is an experimental framework exploring paper-based interaction as input for browser applications. It uses Chilitags fiducial markers in combination with three.js to detect and model the manipulation of paper elements like cards.

The main goal of Paprika is to present an accessible abstraction model for paper interactions, allowing developers to easily work with augmented paper without prior knowledge of computer vision and the underlying technology at work.


  • The main application code is contained within `js/paprika.js`
  • Basic usage examples for the different functions exist under `examples`

Paprika Games

The following games make use of paper cards and Paprika as input. They're built using Phaser, an open source game framework for HTML5 games. Here is a quick video presentation of the games.

Paprika Examples

The following examples illustrate the usage of the different functions implemented in the framework: